The best trident spells in Minecraft

The trident has noble ancestry, both as a tool for energetic fishermen and vengeful sea gods. It’s such a simple design, a spear with a forked tip, but there’s a certain beauty in the simplicity. Or at least there should be, considering how much you have to spend to get a pitchfork in Minecraft (pun not intended). But even when you finally have that pitchfork, why settle for less when you can have the best? Here are the best trident enchantments in Minecraft.

Of course, a trident would also benefit from the stockpile of reserve spells that all other tools and weapons can use effectively. Unbreaking decreases the rate at which your trident loses its durability, while repairing allows you to repair any damage dealt by your trident by consuming experience. However, as an aquatic weapon, the trident has access to a handful of unique enchantments that only it can use.

The best trident spells in Minecraft

Here are the best trident enchantments in Minecraft:


If you’d rather throw your trident than poke it, this enchantment is an absolute must. With loyalty, your trident will automatically return to your hands after you cast it. Higher level enchantments bring it back to you faster. It’s like Thor playing Mjolnir, except, you know, with a pitchfork.


Speaking of thunder god, if you’re in a particularly vengeful mood, channeling can make for some cathartic entertainment. If you use a trident enchanted with channeling during a storm, any enemy you attack with it will be instantly struck by lightning. This only works when you’re throwing the trident, although it’s as good as frying yourself if you were right next to your target.


If you want your trident to offer practical abilities, why not turn it into a means of travel? Throwing a Riptide-enchanted trident will take you with it, allowing you to cover large tracts of land at once. It even works in water and snow! Keep in mind that you can still take fall damage, so try not to throw him off a cliff.


For aspiring anglers, it’s best to get down with your underwater prey as soon as possible so you don’t have to hold your breath. When using a trident for underwater hunting, the Impale enchantment increases the damage it deals to water mobs.

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