Minecraft: where to find an end portal

Minecraft is a very versatile game where you can do many things. This article will tell you where to find an end portal.

What is the end portal in Minecraft?

It’s a natural structure used to travel to the end. This structure can easily be made in creative mode, but when you’re in survival mode the only way to access it is by finding it, so pay attention so you know where to find an end portal.

Where to find an end portal in Minecraft?

If you’re wondering where to find an end portal, this portal can be spawned in a disabled form in underground structures called strongholds. The best way to find him is to use Eyes of Ender, which you can craft using Ender Beads and some Fire Dust. You can get ender pearls from the endermen and the fire dust from the fire sticks the blazes throw at Abyssal Strongholds. You have to do at least 15 to be sure.

When you have enough you will have to go to an open area > right click on one of the eyes to launch it. What will happen is that it will hover in the air and move towards the next stronghold, it will hover for a few seconds and then it will return to the ground, yes you are lucky you pick that same eye up again and again throw if it couldn’t be destroyed and you haven’t used it again, so it’s important to bring enough Wards with you. If you see that the eyes no longer rise, but fly underground, it is because you found the fortress buried. With that in mind, you’ll have to dig carefully until you reach the fortress > go inside a little bit until you find the last portal frame. What you have to do is remove the eyes from the ender and place them in the empty frames to to activate them and when the portal is active you will have to jump, taking into account that there is no exit portal, until you finish with the dragon that is there. Use the correct pattern for which you need 12 blocks and make sure all the blocks are open to the inside, position yourself in the center and place the blocks around you > then you have to place the twelve eyes of Ender in order to activate them and move on to the final Minecraft battle. That’s all you need to know about where to find an ultimate portal in Minecraft. Now that you have both methods of finding and creating this portal, we hope that you can quickly defeat the ultimate dragon in Minecraft, so make sure you are adequately prepared for this when you are in survival mode because it is not easy will be.

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