Minecraft – The best commands for the admin server

It is very important that you, as the admin server, know the best Minecraft commands as you can use many of them to customize and change the various settings of your worlds within the game. For example, some commands can change the time of day while others disable certain aspects like raids and fires.

Check out this guide for some of the best Minecraft commands for the admin server. We have selected the most useful and exclusive for the game, so get ready to write down the ones that make the most sense to you!

CommandWhat it does and how to use it / gamerule fireDamage falseUsing this command will disable any fire damage on your server./gamerule doImmediateRespawn trueThis command will cause players to spawn instantly without showing the game’s “death” screen./Time set day or nightThis command changes the time of day./locate(village, endcity, fortress) This command allows you to locate the closest places such as villages and fortresses./gamerule doEntityDrops falseThis command prevents non-monstrous beings from dropping items in the game. / gamerule disableRaids trueThis deactivates raid events in which mobs come out to attack villages./gamerule noticeAdvancements falseThis command deactivates all success announcements in chat./gamerule doFireTick falseThis command deactivates the spread of fire on your server and ensures that the fire in place and Digit remains ./gamerule doInsomni false This deactivates the insomnia mechanism and prevents phantoms from appearing on your server ./gamerule doDaylightCycle false This command deactivates the day and night cycle and freezes the current game time. So if it’s night or day, it will stay day or night until the command is restarted. /Gamerule doMobSpawning false Using this command disables spawning of mobs on your server./gamerule keepInventory true This command allows players to keep all items they are in your inventory after death./gamerule mobGriefing falseThis prevents mobs like Enderman and Creeper from destroying blocks in the game. / gamerule spawnRadius (distance value) This command changes the spawn distance for players./Weather (clear, thunder , Rain)) With this command, players can change the weather on their server.

Remember, to use any of these commands, simply press the “T” key (on PC), right directional key (on consoles), or the chat button (on mobile phone).

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