Minecraft – How to make a Super Foundry

Have you ever thought about building a super foundry in Minecraft to fuse multiple materials at once? Now you can! In this guide we will give you the step-by-step guide to building your own super foundry in Minecraft with 16 (yes, 16!) furnaces.

Having an oven, blast furnace, or smoker is useful in a game like Minecraft, but they just don’t work fast enough. With this super cast you can melt any material in 16 different furnaces at the same time. All you have to do is place materials, fuel, and chests, and the Super Foundry will do the rest of the work. When the process is complete, the refined material goes straight into the chest for easy grabbing later.

Next, watch How to Build a Super Foundry in Minecraft – and get ready for an experience like no other!

Materials needed to build a Super Foundry in Minecraft

minecraft super foundry

To create a supercasting in Minecraft you will need the following materials:

  • 5 chests
  • 4 rails
  • 36 electric tracks
  • 2 mine carts with funnel
  • 48 funnels
  • 16 ovens
  • 5 levers
  • 13 building blocks

These items are fairly easy to get early in the game, but you’ll need some Iron Bars and one more to craft them. In total you will need 286 iron bars and 216 gold bars. That’s a lot, but as you mine and explore the world, you’ll eventually find enough of each ore. Once you’ve gathered enough Iron and Gold, craft the materials and start building your Super Foundry.

Steps to make a Super Casting


Now that you have the necessary materials, let’s go through the step-by-step procedure on how to assemble a super foundry in Minecraft.

Step 1

First, make sure you have enough space and place a chest. You must have at least 20 blocks of disk space to work with. This allows you to move around comfortably while you work on your Super Foundry. After placing the chest, attach 16 funnels to the side.

Attach the first funnel directly to the chest while holding the Shift key. Then attach each funnel next to the previous one so you have 16 funnels as part of the chest extension.

16 funnels

step 2

Place a kiln on each hopper, making 16 kilns in total. Connect 16 more funnels to the top of each oven. Finally, place the remaining funnels in the back of each firebox. Remember to hold down Shift while placing the funnels.

So, each oven must be “framed” by three funnels: one at the top, one at the bottom and one at the back.

minecraft super foundry

step 3

Go to the side of the building where the chest is. Starting from the row of hoppers at the back, attach two bricks, another brick diagonally to the left. The image above shows the correct location of these blocks. Feel free to use an extra support block to accomplish this this way.

Place blocks in this format in the top funnel row as well. A total of six blocks must be added.

Blocks aligned with funnels

step 4

On the other side of the building, place the blocks in the same pattern in the top and back rows. Two blocks are placed on the right and one block is added diagonally to the right.

Now you need to have six blocks on each side.

blocks and funnels

step 5

Place an electric rail at the top of each funnel. Each row of funnels should have two exposed building blocks. Place a regular splint on the block closest to the funnels. Proceed to place four rails to “frame” this funnel/electric rail space.

Place more power rails in the remaining four locations. This layout can be seen in the image above. In total you will use 26 electric rails and 4 normal rails.


step 6

Because this design supports an even number of ovens, there is no midpoint. Then, on the back, place a building block as close to the center as possible. In the bottom row of funnels, you should leave some space above the conductor rail.

Put a lever on the back of the building. Turn this lever to turn on the electric rails at the top of the hoppers. This switch stays on forever (or until you decide you don’t want to use the smelter anymore).

rails and levers

step 7

Now go to the side of the building without the chest. On the back, place two additional levers on the leftmost blocks.

Flip both levers. This will ensure that the carts always return to the start of your Super Foundry. Make sure the levers are always on.

Adding more chests

step 8

Go back to the chest side. Add two double crates on the two leftmost blocks. The first chest should be on top of the brick, and the double chest should be placed closer to the power rails.

minecraft super foundry

step 9

You’re almost done with your Super Foundry in Minecraft! Now place two levers on the block below the first power rail as shown above.

Finally, place two hopper mine carts on the first two electric rails. When you flip the switches, the carts will drive along the tracks, dumping materials and fuel into the kilns.

To turn off the Super Melter, just click on the levers. You don’t have to worry about syncing the levers with the carts because once activated, the carts will drive back the track for you.

The Supercasting is now complete! Place the material you want to smelt in the chest closest to you and add fuel to the back of the chest. The materials then fall into the shopping cart. When you turn on the Foundry, the carts will move along the tracks, pouring material and fuel into the furnaces.

You can also place two shields near the chests, one for fuel and one for fusible material. However, this is optional.

Altogether you can melt in 16 different furnaces at the same time. This is perfect for smelting a large amount of ore, stone, or netherrack. Use all these things to build farms and expand your base!

More tips on building a Super Foundry in Minecraft

useful tips

Creating a Super Foundry in Minecraft can be an incredibly difficult task, especially for new players. However, it’s not as complicated as it seems. The casting creation process can be done relatively easily by following step by step. It is arguably more difficult to gather all the materials needed to build the device as players will need a good amount of hoppers and furnaces. So here are some tips that can make growing these materials a little easier:

  • Many items needed for super smelting can be found in abandoned mines or dungeons.
  • Finding the Mesa biome will make things a lot easier thanks to the ridiculous amount of abandoned mines.
  • Many abandoned mines also have electric rails, carts, and chests;
  • The mesa biome is also full of gold ore, making the process of crafting the electric rails much easier;
  • You will need 128 Cobblestones to craft the 16 Furnaces needed for the Super Smelter. You’ll likely gain boulders organically while panning for gold.


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