Minecraft: How to Build a Water Elevator

In the Minecraft universe we have many tasks, one of them is to build a water elevator and here we are going to tell you how to do it.

What to know about Minecraft

With the help of new mechanics in the game we now have to be able to create many things, which has happened since the alpha version. At this moment there is an interest in knowing how to build a water elevator and the possibility to consider To do this, we can rely on the content of this guide that presents the details on the subject, let’s see.

How to make a water poll in Minecraft?

To find out how to make a water increase we need some specific blocks, these are the soul sand and the magma blocks, the first of which will have bubbles that will allow the water increase to rise and for the others will allow the creation of bubbles in the fall a Minecraft crash, then follow these steps:

  • The construction of walls: Regarding the manufacture of a water elevator, for this first step it is possible to use any type of block, since it is possible to use glass for our elevator walls, for this we put a ring 2 x around an empty section 2 of the block to make the construction, the ideal is that it is very high but that the walls are all the same size, something that in Minecraft can be up to you.
  • The Base: In Minecraft we need to craft the base, which requires 2 parts. First we need to make an arch on each side of the elevator as long as it is 2 blocks high and 2 blocks wide, then outside of the arch we need to put signs that will allow the water to stay, as it requires 4 signs in total. The second thing is that we use blocks of magma and soul sand to place them at the bottom of the elevator, on one side we put 2 soul sand and 2 magma on the other side, which gives a good and very fluid transfer between the up and down descending the elevator, but as far as making a water elevator goes, we can split it into two sections if we want.
  • Place the water: Among the steps that we must take into account to build a water elevator, we have that this can be the most complex, it is necessary that we have many blocks of sources, placing the blocks of magma and sand of the soul become, What you have to do is take 2 buckets of water to put one on one of the 4 base blocks, while the other must be put in the opposite corner, which allows the water supply to be infinite, after that you just do the same For each Level of our water elevator in Minecraft, which is necessary since the blocks we use can only work on the water source blocks, we must fill our bucket with this source from the lower level, after having 2 water sources next to it We do the same thing, we put one another water source in the opposite corner and thus get another water level. We must do this until we reach the top of the elevator.
  • Add the floors: It is necessary that we make some changes so that we can add more floors to our elevator. To do this it is necessary to drill a 2×2 hole where you want the level to be and place the signs outwards as we did at the beginning, bearing in mind that the exit is on this floor must be when going up or down.

That’s the end of our Minecraft guide. Now that you know how to build a water elevator, all you have to do is make the most of it.

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