Minecraft – Everything you need to know about the Shiny Squid

In Minecraft, after a community vote, the glowing squid was chosen to be included in the game in 2020. While not everyone was happy with the Glowing Squid’s victory, Mojang Studios did a great job of ensuring that the Glowing Squid wasn’t a completely useless addition to the game, at least in Minecraft.

The appearance of the glowing squid in Minecraft is very noticeable from a distance. It makes a special sound when it moves, like the sound of a wind chime placed underwater. Her body also glows bioluminescently, something that is also present in other items in the game.

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about the luminous octopus in Minecraft, an addition that came with the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update.

The glowing squid is the first mob to come out of a spin-off

The glowing octopus was definitely not an accidental choice for Mojang, although it may seem so to some players: it had previously appeared in a famous Minecraft spin-off called Minecraft Earth.

The glowing squid then became the first mob to appear in a spin-off and was later incorporated into the main game. This is rare, but hopefully it will be something the Minecraft developer will continue to do as there are other very interesting mobs in the game’s spinoffs.

The glowing squid has a unique effect that appears when invisible.

invisible squid

In Minecraft, the glowing squid has a unique effect that helps differentiate it from traditional squid and other aquatic creatures. As the player approaches the glowing squid, it unleashes a cloud of turquoise ink that ejects around the character like a handful of star-shaped particles.

Interestingly, this effect will be visible anyway, meaning an invisibly glowing squid will still be… visible.

The glowing squid appear in groups and in dark places

glowing group of squid

The glowing octopus is at its best in the dark, and of course that’s where it spawns. It is often found in the darkest areas of the ocean or in watery places like deep underwater caves. The glowing squid reproduces much like the normal squid: in groups of two or at most four at a time.

The glowing squid has a baby version

baby squid

The glowing calamari is exclusive to the Bedrock Edition. Babies are absolutely useless as the glowing squid cannot be created naturally by the player, although it may be possible in the future.

The glowing squid calf looks like its adult version but is much smaller. It is very rare as it has only a 5% chance of spawning in a group of glowing squid. If you see him and think about killing him (don’t do that!), you won’t gain anything from it since he doesn’t drop resources; You would gain measly experience points.

In Minecraft, the glowing squid gives experience and a glowing ink sac

Minecraft glowing squid

The glowing squid can be farmed like any other mob, but it’s not very profitable. When killed by a player (or a tamed wolf), it awards 1-3 experience points and 1-3 glowing ink sacs. The best thing you can do with these aquatic creatures is the ink they emit.

The maximum amount of this glowing ink pouch purchased by the player is increased by 1 per loot level. So you can collect a maximum of 1-6 with Loot III, which is great. We’ll talk more about that in the next topic.

Glossy squid ink can be used for crafting


The Brilliant Ink Sac was added as a new crafting item and brought with it new exclusive recipes, all included in the Caves & Cliffs update. Matching shiny paint bags on the crafting table makes every item look shiny. This is pretty cool, mostly for aesthetic reasons.

The glowing squid behaves like a regular squid

luminous squid and squid

There is not much to say about the behavior of the glowing squid in Minecraft as it behaves exactly like a normal squid. This allows the glowing shape to be thought of as a texture of an already existing mob, but with an added gameplay element as the glowing squid’s glowing ink sacs can be used to craft items.

Just like regular squid, the glowing squid suffocates in the ground and suffers from the same problems as regular squid. The only difference is that glowing squid release a turquoise ink when attacked, not black.

The glowing squid has many enemies

glowing squid enemies

While the glowing squid’s behavior is fairly predictable, it’s interesting how it interacts with its surroundings and especially with other aquatic life. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the glowing squid has many natural predators.

The axolotl, for example, will attack the glowing squid and hunt the animal for prey. The same goes for Guardians and Master Guardians, as they attack the poor little squid the same way the player does. Use it in your favor.

The glowing squid does not emit light

bright squid light

The biggest downside of the glowing squid in Minecraft, according to most players, is that it doesn’t emit any light. At first, many believed that the glowing squid could emit a light while swimming in water, but that didn’t happen when it came into play.

However, the glowing squid has a unique look and particle effects that set it apart from the other aquatic creatures in the game, and offers a new crafting item. But it could also have a bit of light, right?

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