Minecraft – All hostile and friendly creatures

Minecraft has so many creatures that it’s almost impossible to know what they all are and what they do. Also, it’s always good for a player to know if a creature is hostile, peaceful, or neutral (which only attacks when attacked). So at Critical Hits we decided to make this post that is all about that very topic!

All hostile, friendly and neutral Minecraft creatures

Enemy mobs (Minecraft creatures that attack as soon as they see you)

Minecraft creatures

  • Blaze – Only appears in Nether Strongholds.
  • Chicken Jockey – Jockeys can be: Baby Zombie, Baby Piglin Zombie, Baby Zombie Villager, and Baby Mama Zombie).
  • Creeper – Drops a Music Disc when killed by a Skeleton and a Creeper Head when killed by a Charged Creeper.
  • Drowned – Drops a Music Disc when killed by a Skeleton and a Creeper Head when killed by a Charged Creeper.
  • Elder Guardian – Appears only on Oceanic Monuments.
  • Endermite – Can spawn when an end bead touches the ground.
  • Summoner – Appears in Raids or Forest Mansions.
  • Ghast – Appears only in the Nether.
  • Guardian – Appears in the ocean and near oceanic monuments.
  • Hoglin – Appears only in Crimson Nether Forests.
  • Zombie Mummy – This variant of the Zimbi is only found in deserts.
  • Magma Cube – Appears only in the Nether.
  • Phantom – Appears at night when you don’t let your character sleep in bed for at least an hour in the real world.
  • Barbarian Piglin – Appears only in the Bastion Ruins in the Nether.
  • Marauder – Appears in raids or at observation posts.
  • Ravager – Appears only in raid levels 3, 5 and 7.
  • Ravager’s Jockey – Appears during raids.
  • Shulker – Appears only in end cities.
  • Moth – Appears when an infested block is destroyed.
  • Skeleton – Can spawn in any biome in the world except mushroom patches.
  • Skeleton Knight – Appears when a Skeleton Trap is activated.
  • Slime – Appears only in Slime Chunks.
  • Spider Jockey – There is only a 1% chance for a spider to spawn with a jockey.
  • Stray – This skeleton variant only appears in Frozen biomes.
  • Vex – This mob is a summoner’s creation.
  • Avenger – Appears in Forest Mansions and in Patrols and Raids.
  • Warlocks – Warlocks spawn in dugouts in swamps. Also, they can randomly spawn in any biome (except mushroom patches) at night.
  • Wither Skeleton – Only appears in Nether Strongholds.
  • Zoglin – It arises when a Hoglin goes into the ordinary world.
  • Zombie – The most common mob in the game, it spawns almost anywhere and will burn if exposed to sunlight.
  • Zombie Villager – Created when a zombie kills a villager. However, it is possible to reverse this process.

Peaceful creatures (that don’t attack you)

Minecraft creatures

  • Baby Piglin – Appears only in the Nether.
  • Baby Polar Bear – Appears only in frozen biomes.
  • Bat – Appears only in caves.
  • Cat – Appears in swamp villages and shelters.
  • Chicken – Appears only in grassy biomes.
  • Cod – It is only found in the oceans and can be caught with a bucket of water.
  • Cow – Appears only in grassy biomes.
  • Donkey – Appears in plains and savannahs.
  • Fox – Appears only in the taiga.
  • Horse – Appears only in plains and savannas.
  • Mushrooms – Only appear in mushroom fields.
  • Mule – It is the result of crossing between a horse and a donkey.
  • Ocelot – Appears only in the Jungle biome.
  • Parrot – Appears only in the jungle biome.
  • Pig – Appears almost everywhere and you can ride them!
  • Puffer Fish – Although peaceful, they can poison you if you get too close when these fish are “bloated”.
  • Rabbits – There are variations and each of them has a specific biome that spawns. Even though these creatures are peaceful, they can appear as a Killer Bunny variant, which is hostile!
  • Salmon – Appears in frozen oceans, rivers, and rivers.
  • Sheep – Only appear in grassy biomes.
  • Skeleton Horse – Appears in skeleton traps and when struck by lightning.
  • Snow Golem – Can be built like any other Golem.
  • Lula – Appears only in water.
  • Lobster – Only spawns in the Nether and usually resides in lava oceans.
  • Tropical Fish – Appears on beaches only during the day and can be loaded with a bucket of water.
  • Turtle – Only appears on beaches during the day.
  • Villagers – Appears only in villages.
  • Wandering Vendor – Approaches the player’s location on spawn.

Neutral mobs (Minecraft creatures will attack you if you attack them or under certain circumstances)

  • Bee – Attacks the player when another nearby bee is attacked.
  • Cave Spider – Neutral during the day or at Luminous Levels of 9 or higher, otherwise they become hostile. However, once she has become hostile, the light level will no longer affect her.
  • Dolphin – They are only found in the ocean.
  • Enderman – Attacks the player when facing this creature.
  • Iron Golem – Appears in villages or when crafting. This creature becomes hostile to the player if he has -15 popularity in the village. But it will never be hostile if built by you.
  • Llama – This mob is pretty funny because when it attacks it, the llama just spits on you!
  • Piglin – Appears on the common ground of the Nether and in the Crimson Forest and Ruined Bastion biomes. Becomes hostile towards the player if not equipped with at least one gold piece or if it hits the creature.
  • Panda – Attacks only when attacked.
  • Polar Bear – Appears in icy biomes and becomes hostile when near cubs or provoked.
  • Spider – It is peaceful during the day but becomes hostile at night.
  • Wolf – If not tamed, will become hostile when attacked by the player.
  • Zombie Piglins – Appear on shared Nether ground in the Crimson Forest biome, in Nether portals (when Piglins or Barbarian Piglins enter the shared world), or when pigs are struck by lightning and Bastion in Ruins. It becomes hostile when it sees another of its kind being attacked.


Minecraft creatures

The two Minecraft creatures listed below are the only two bosses that the game has:

  • Ender Dragon – The final boss in the game, only appears at the end and can be resummoned.
  • Wither – The only way to spawn this boss is to build it.

Minecraft is an electronic game of the sandbox and survival genres that has no specific objectives to be achieved and allows players a great deal of freedom of choice in the way they play. However, there is an achievement system and a final boss to defeat.

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