How to play a role in Minecraft

Paper is an incredibly important and multifunctional item in Minecraft. It is used to create books that are essential for making a magic table. They can enchant books, and when used on a crafting table, users can apply different types of enchantments to objects. In addition to books, paper is also used to make maps, make a cartography table, and make fireworks.

Role in Minecraft

Paper is naturally found in shipwrecks, forts and villages. Villages are the only common structure in Minecraft, while forts and shipwrecks are harder to find. The good news is that paper is incredibly easy to make. It is much better to make paper yourself than to look for it in the suitcases.

Take a role in Minecraft

To play a role in Minecraft you need;

  • a work table
  • Sugar cane: 3

Obtaining sugar cane

Sugar cane occurs naturally in the overworld in Minecraft. It is common and all you need to “break” the stick is your hand. Literally anything you can use to break a block can be used to break a sugar cane.

Sugar cane can be found near water. It can be next to small lakes or by the sea. It only spawns on blocks of sand. If you see water without sand, you won’t find sugar cane. The likelihood of sugar cane growing in the ground is immensely small, but the chance is so small that when looking for sugar cane stalks, all you should consider is blocks of sand and water sources.

Look for blocks of sand around the water, both inland and near the sea. The stick comes in ‘stems’. Each segment of the stalk will release a sugar cane. A stalk with 3-4 segments makes 3-4 sugar cane. The picture below shows the bars 2, 3 and four segments in height.

Minecraft made from sugar cane

You can use a single sugar cane stalk to grow more sugar cane. Plant it on a block of sand and it will grow. Once you have 3 sugar canes you are ready to make paper.

Take a role in Minecraft

Play a role in Minecraft;

  • Open the crafting table.
  • In each cell of the middle row, put a sugar cane.
  • Collect paper.
  • Three pieces of sugar cane make 3 sheets of paper.

    Paper minecraft


    Cards and enchanting tables are some of the most important items that players use in the game. Both items require paper to build. If you want to add some aesthetic blocks to your Minecraft house, you can make bookcases that again need paper for books. Paper is also used to create banners, which is another aesthetic block. Paper has been a part of Minecraft for years and is available in the Java and Bedrock / Windows 10 versions of the application.

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