How to make terracotta in Minecraft

Minecraft has a variety of building blocks that you can use to build a base. They can be simple stone blocks or concrete blocks that can be colored to give the structures a more aesthetic look. Concrete isn’t the only block you can color and use in construction. There is also terracotta.

Terracotta in Minecraft

Terracotta is made from clay in Minecraft. Clay occurs in block form and occurs in shallow lakes. It’s usually the second or third layer of a lake. It can appear in fairly large veins, but most veins are small.

To create terracotta in Minecraft you will need;

  • Clay block
  • fuel

Get a clay block

To get a clay block, you need to dismantle it. When extracted, it releases clay balls. You can then build a clay block from the clay balls. You will need four clay balls to build a clay block.

To extract clay, look for shallow pools. It is greyish in color and can be extracted with any type of shovel. Break it up like a block of sand or earth. Collect the clay balls.

handmade clay block

Now that you have clay balls, you can make a clay block.

  • Open the work table.
  • Place the four clay balls in a 2 × 2 formation.
  • Collect the clay block.
  • Terracotta in Minecraft

    Terracotta is worked in an oven.

  • Open the oven.
  • Fill the fuel into the fuel slot (coal, wood, algae, etc.)
  • Place the clay block in the casting crack.
  • Collect a terracotta block.
  • Die of terracotta

    Terracotta can be colored like concrete. To color a terracotta block, you need the color of your choice and 8 terracotta blocks.

  • Open the work table.
  • Place the dye in the middle cell, that is, the second cell in the second row.
  • Place a terracotta block on top of any remaining cells.
  • Collect the colored terracotta.
  • diploma

    Terracotta is as resistant to explosions as stone. It takes long enough to build a whole house, even if your house is small. If you are ambitious it can do an entire house / base, but it will take you a long, long search for clay. You may also need to make multiple trips, as clay balls can only be stacked in stacks of 16 as opposed to stacks of 64 which is common with most blocks in Minecraft. After you’ve colored a terracotta block, you cannot change its color. It’s a good idea to check out the color you will get on some blocks before coloring anything.

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