How to make bricks in Minecraft

Minecraft has many, many building blocks. You can literally use any type of wood and / or stone to build a house. Wood and stone are natural and are the easiest to get hold of. Wood is not as strong as stone and if you want to protect your base from grapevines, build it with a material with maximum explosion resistance.

Stones in minecraft

Bricks are some of the best and toughest materials you’ll find in Minecraft. They are also aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, bricks don’t come naturally. They have to be complex and require a lot of material to put together. Bricks can be used to build blocks of bricks. Brick blocks can be used to build houses in Minecraft.

What do you need

To make bricks in Minecraft you need;

  • an oven
  • Kiln fuel (coal, wood, algae)
  • Clay balls

Get clay balls

Clay balls are made from clay blocks. Clay blocks occur on the banks of the lake. You can break a block of clay with a shovel and clay balls will be formed. The clay balls can be stacked in stacks of 16.

Visually, it can be difficult to identify a block of clay as it is almost always underwater, but it is greyish in color and its texture is different from that of sand.

How to make bricks in Minecraft

Once you have collected your clay balls, you can start making bricks.

  • Open the oven.
  • Put the fuel in the furnace.
  • Put clay balls in the casting cell.
  • Wait for the process to complete and you will get a brick.
  • Repeat for the number of stones you want to make.
  • Stones in minecraft

    make a brick

    If you want to make a block out of stones, you will need four stones.

  • Open the work table.
  • Place a brick in a 2 × 2 formation.
  • Pick up the brick.
  • diploma

    Bricks can also be used to create flowers. You can put flowers and tree seedlings in a flower plant. It is of little use and only decorative. Bricks come in Java and Bedrock / Windows 10 versions. The hardest part of building a brick house is getting the clay you need. Clay is widespread but does not appear in veins or very large chunks. You also need four stones and thus four clay balls to build a stone block. If you add it all up, you can end up mining clay for a long time if you want a brick house.

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