How to make a bed in Minecraft

A bed is an important item in Minecraft. It allows players to reset their spawn point. Once you’ve built your base, you should definitely create a bed, put it in a room, and sleep in it at least once to change your spawn point. If you don’t have a bed that you’ve slept in at least once and died, you’ll be revived at the original spawn point the game assigned you when you created a world and joined a world, or when you joined a server.

Make a bed in Minecraft

Building a bed in Minecraft is very easy. The blocks of material for him are easy to find and construction is a simple one-step process. If you have the time and resources to do it, you can make a bed a specific color, but you will have to find color to do it.

What do you need

To build a bed in Minecraft you will need;

  • three blocks of wool
  • Three wooden blocks (any kind)
  • a work table

Getting wool in Minecraft

The wool comes from the sheep. Sheep are common and can be found in almost every biome. They come in white, brown, and black color variations. The color of the wool determines the color of the bed.

To get wool you can;

  • a pure sheep
  • kill a sheep

A wooden sword is enough to kill a sheep, but scissors are better. The sheep will grow its wool after a while and you can get more wool out of it. Shearing will definitely get you wool, while killing sheep will only get you sheep. To shear a sheep, you have to shear. To make scissors you will need;

  • 2 iron bars

To create a pair of scissors;

  • Open the work table.
  • Place an iron ingot in the second cell of the first row.
  • Place an iron ingot in the first cell of the second row.
  • Collect scissors.
  • pure sheep

    Now that you have your scissors, you need to find sheep. After finding sheep, right click / place the action item on the sheep. You will receive at least one block of wool. The sheep changes shape to indicate that it has been shorn. You can’t get more wool until you grow wool again.

    If you want the bed to be a specific color, paint the wool before proceeding.

    Make the bed in Minecraft

    Now that you have the wool and wood, it’s time to make the bed.

  • Open the work table.
  • In each cell of the first row, put a block of wool.
  • Place a block of wood in each cell on the second row.
  • Take the bed.
  • With the bed in hand, right-click the floor to place it.
  • Once placed, right click on the bed to sleep.
  • Sleep in Minecraft

    You can’t go to sleep anytime you want in Minecraft.

    • You can only sleep at night or when it’s dark (or raining)
    • You can’t sleep when enemy mobs are around
    • If you fail to sleep for several nights in a row, the ghost will attack you during the day.


    A bed in Minecraft was an important, but not essential, item that needed to be built until the Phantom crowd was added. Previously, the game offered players the option to spend the night quickly or to reset their spawn point. Well, that punishes him for not getting enough sleep.

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