How to download and install x-ray mode in Minecraft step by step? (Example)

One of the main attractions of Minecraft is mining, since it allows you to collect resources or special chests that are very important to collect more valuable objects. However, the work of getting them is exhausting, so downloading and installing X-ray mode in Minecraft is an excellent alternative to save precious time.

This action is greatly facilitated by the X-ray mode, which fully follows the premise of finding the minerals you are looking for faster, and also helps to keep the interest of new users who do not have time to invest. Minecraft.

In case you decide to follow the steps below and download this mod, you should also recommend downloading and installing maps and worlds for minecraft as it will complete your experience.

What is and where can this mode be downloaded and installed?

Xray mod the “Xray mode” It’s just one of the many additional add-ons that Minecraft offers its users. It’s one of the best, along with what you can have Pixelmon with in Minecraft and what you can use with Firearms.

This mod is very useful because it allows you to “hide”, that is, give a transparent tint to all the blocks that make up a specific field of the game and are not mineral resources. Resulting in those possessing such coveted materials remaining branded as usual.

In addition to this amazing functionality, it doesn’t stop there because if you download and install X-ray mode in Minecraft, you can configure it according to your needs in the configuration menu that comes with it.

Such an action allows you to define exactly what types of materials you want to find and set a specific distance range that the mod will cover to start the search for what you are looking for.

Next you need to start digging to get your precious minerals. For this, you don’t need to disable its feature at all, since it doesn’t interfere with the mining process; Instead, while the mod is still active, you can drill down to see how close you can get to material while digging.

Despite this, the user always has the possibility to activate or deactivate the mod whenever he wants, if in one way or another it causes difficulties or slowdowns in the game. This can be done by pressing the “X” button at a convenient time. Also remember that this mod combines well with the one that allows you to have Minecraft in 4k, because in this way you will have twice the fun and benefits.

Step by step to x-ray mode in Minecraft

To download and install X-ray mode in the game, you need to consider the game version and the plugin version at the same time. Those used for the 1.8 and 1.8.9 editions are recommended as it does not guarantee that modalities earlier or higher than those mentioned are compatible with the xray file.

The first step is to download and install another addon, MinecraftForge, in the same version of the game and Mod Xray. To do this, find the appropriate file on “Mega” or “Mediafire” and press “Download”, then press “Run”. When the file opens, it shows its interface and the options menu it offers.

forge interface

Click “Accept” and wait for the application to gradually install before clicking “Accept” again. If everything goes well, MinecraftForge will start automatically when you open the game. Your role will be to read, review and get working every mod you add.

It later downloads and installs Xray mode by searching the web in the same way as MinecraftForge. When the download is complete, open the folder that contains it and copy the mod that should be in it. Then press “Start (Windows key) + R” to open the Run function and type %ApplicationData%.

After clicking “Accept”, open the “.Minecraft” folder and then the “Mods” folder in which you will paste the X-Ray mod that you previously copied during the download. Open the game and just press “X” to activate it and then “J” to configure it. Enjoy the experience!

In the remote case, this addon will not work for you, so you should look for a similar addon and then learn how to install mods in Minecraft on Windows 10 PC, Mac Android and iPhone (depending on your version).

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