How to become better at Video-Games in 3 easy Steps

You can be a better video game player, no matter how bad you start or how bad you are. And in Omicron today we show you how.

GS2US PC Video games, in addition to entertaining us, fulfil a competitive function. Not only do they make us enjoy a good time, but they can also bring out our racing streak. Face off against the machine, against other players, against a puzzle, against the clock … there are many possibilities.

And there are people who are very good at video games, who are capable of living only by how they play. And there are people who try hard, but it is very bad compared to everyone. But don’t worry, because at Omicron we want to help you be a better video game player.

Step 1: get hold of the controls, all of them


The first thing you have to do is keep the controls. And not only with the basic and necessary, with all that you can. Both the basic controls and the more advanced ones require a bit more dexterity.

This is important because these advanced controls are usually shortcuts or special functions. If we stay with them, we will have access to more things, or we will be able to move more quickly. And that, in a competitive game, is especially important.

Also, if you are playing on a computer and your keyboard has macro keys, take advantage of them. The macro keys are keys that we can configure to do anything: an action, a repetition or a succession of keys. So configuring and using them can also give us an advantage.

Step 2: prepare before the game

battlefield 6

If you are waiting for the game to load, or you are in the moment before the game, take the opportunity to practice those controls. Make the keystrokes that you will make during the game, with your head, on the keyboard or the controller.

It may seem silly, but it is a habit of professional players: to “warm-up” by practising these movements. A study shows that doing this reinforces the key patterns in our heads. And so when we are immersed in the action, we can focus on other things instead of hitting the right keys.

Step 3: practice, practice and practice


But that same study shows that the most important thing is to practice. Yes, play games, play the game, discover tricks, play some games. If we don’t play, it’s impossible to improve as players, right?

But beware, it is not necessary to vitiate like crazy to improve. The study reports that the player who improved the most in Halo: Reach was one who played between 4 and 8 games per week. Each case is a world, that does not mean that you have to do that. But it is the demonstration that you do not have to spend hours and hours to improve.

You also need to give yourself a break. Continuing with the case we reported above, that player did not allow 1 or 2 days to pass before playing again. Spacing the game will give our heads time to breathe and relax. Because tense and tired we are going to do worse than if we come fresh and with clear ideas.halo-5-forge-5

And how we do it is important. For example, playing in arcade modes of the game or against the machine in easy does nothing. The best thing is, once we know the basics, enter the competitive modes where we will meet other players.

The truth is that it is impossible to establish a master guide that is fulfilled in all cases. Each game is a world and has its tricks to improve faster. Which ones do you think of, how have you become better players?

So, what is minecraft and why it’s so popular?

Minecraft has established itself as one of the most popular activities among kids, teens, and young adults today. This is thanks to its strategic design with which it offers not only the common entertainment alternative but also the particular ingredient of personalization is added.

Basically, Minecraft presents a scenario in which individuals have the possibility to create their own virtual space. Adding an infinity of objects or figures such as vehicles and animals, but also from an animated point of view, since all the things in the game have a geometric structure that resembles cubes.

Initially, Minecraft was marketed as a didactic game of shapes, in which children could build any figure, using only their imagination. However, the game became a trend and versions of it began to be made on certain electronic equipment such as the Play Station, Tablet, Smartphone and the computer of course.

Why the game is so popular?

It all starts when Mojang AB, a computer corporation owned by the Swedish Markus Persson; launches the game in mid- 2009. The content liked it so much that it became the main entertainment tool for netizens, requiring some improvements and a version for Android mobile devices.

So far, more than eight versions have been created corresponding to the introduction of new electronic equipment, as well as technological advances. The greatest virtue of Minecraft is undoubtedly the possibility of creating your own space, and at the same time having access to the diversity of spaces created by other users who love the platform.

Although it should be noted that through Minecraft there are other tools that highlight the versatility of the game. For example, the option of acting as a spectator in which the user basically observes how their virtual environment develops without intervening. But if you are one of those people who enjoy adventures, you can explore different universes designed with many themes.

Creativity will be another weapon with which you can create your own empire. And at the same time, you will have to make good strategies to survive some surprises that the game will be prepared for, such as the abrupt appearance of new unknown creatures that can threaten your existence.

Structure of Minecraft according to the four versions of the game

The simplest form of the virtual world in Minecraft is established by a kind of scenario that has been granted to us and that we can modify according to our own interests. Clearly counting on a limited number of cubes. Which in this case would represent figures and objects. This is usually the initial stage. If you wish, you can transfer a Minecraft world or map from one device to another.

This would be the most entertaining and complex section of the game. Since as we move forward we will have to make new resources as weapons to protect ourselves from some creatures that could threaten our survival.

In case of losing all of the available lives, you can use the spectator mode. To continue observing what happens on your stage. Specifically, you will not take any action. If not that you evaluate the environment after having lost.

There is a creative section in which the user can freely build their space without being threatened by any type of creature. So it is then the easiest or simplest version of the game. Well, basically the user would have to limit himself to creating a scenario.

In the case of the “Adventure section”, the user can dare to investigate the spaces that have been created by others. Clearly, you will not be able to modify them, unless you have the necessary resources. Although this is for those who have been around for a long time and have acquired enough tools.

However, Minecraft raises different options according to your knowledge of the game and the type of experience you want to experience.

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